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Military Adventure Map

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For military kids, memories of moving can elicit grief, bitterness, and heartache. We wanted a way for our kids to see their lives as an adventure, and to remember the places our family has traveled with fondness and gratitude. But where in the world have we been again?! The Military Adventure Map is a way for your clan to visually display your unique story. Fully customizable to include adhesive stamps for duty stations, deployments, and additions to the family-- tell your story over and over again until the whole clan is in on the adventure!

Product Details

  • 36'' x 24'' World Map
  • Printed on unbleached 10oz burlap
  • Stretched over frame with 1 3/8'' x 1 3/8''inch bar
  • Hanging hardware included
  • Custom designed by our Military Clan for your Military Clan

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