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Military Adventure Bracelet

Every piece of jewelry I own tells a story. When I put it on, I remember...remember blessings, remember heartache, remember those I love...and I am thankful.

With this bracelet you can wear the story of your clan’s journey on your wrist—all those places you’ve lived and loved, cried and rejoiced...just been together.

Choose hand-stamped states, hand-stamped lettering, military charms—or just mix and match to create a unique and beautiful display of your life of adventure.

Available Charms are listed below. Use the drop down menu to select the number of stamps that fits your adventure and then list them in the notes section of the order page!

  • Branch of Service: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard
  • States: List any state stamp charms you want
  • Countries: We can hand stamp the country name (i.e. Japan, Iraq, etc.).
  • Additions: Gold Supporter Ribbon, Bronze Anchor,  Copper Anchor "Army Mom" medallion, or Stamp Footprints with child's birth year

The first 3 charms come at no additional charge. After that, each charm is just $5.00.  We'll mix and match charm sizes and metals to give your bracelet a completely unique feel and look, just like your adventure!

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