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Military Life is Hard. It's also an adventure. Military clan exists to build a culture of military kids who can thrive though moves, deployments, and uncertainty - who can experience it all as part of the adventure...Together, let's make our children STRONG. MILITARY. KIDS.

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Our own military clan was founded in 2002 when an Army Infantry Office and a Marine Intelligence Officer pledge to love each other forever. Love, we was that living-together-in-the-same-country thing that we struggled to find. 13 years, 11 moves, six kids, and many deployments later, we are still living this adventure we call the military life. 

It has been a wild journey the whole way through, but we kid ourselves if we don't recognize the toll it takes on our children...

After one particularly difficult move across the country, our oldest daughter, desperately missing her tight group of friends and mourning over all that she had left behind, tearfully burst out "You and Dad CHOSE this life. I DIDN'T! I HATE moving!" Ugh.

Another memory is burned into my mind of our then four year old daughter with her fists clenched, watching her dad walk out of the hangar toward a nine month deployment screaming at the top of her lungs repeatedly "I WANT MY DADDY!". For hours she sobbed uncontrollably and refused to be comforted. Sigh. 

I remember another daughter telling me she would rather I give her dog away than ever have to watch her dad leave again. Folks, these kids love that dog...

We all have our own stories of the struggle and the strain - the joy and the blessing - that is military life. It's time we join together to strengthen our kids through the journey; to inspire them to embrace the life they have even if it isn't the life they chose; to help them see it as the gift it is - and to live it with all the passion and grace that can be mustered. 

Please go to our blog to share your story and continue the conversation. 

Our products were birthed to offer military families tangible ways of fostering a sense of pride, hope, and spirit in their own clan. 

Let's make our children STRONG. MILITARY. KIDS.

Katie and her family live in Columbia, South Carolina where she gives herself full-time to raising six beautiful daughters. Her husband is an army chaplain. Together they have worked to strengthen army families since 2002.